Friday, May 23, 2008

All About Etsy

Firstly, my sister has opened an Etsy shop of her very own on my recommendation! I know lots of ya'll LOVE yourself some Etsy artisans, so if you need a colorful painting to liven up a room of your house or office and don't want some boring mass reproduction print such as I have in MY house, check out Rachel's stuff at An Abstract Opinion.

Secondly, Beth from Valley Momma Boutique has asked me to host (hostess?) a giveaway for her! She makes these gorgeous nursing covers pictured above (along with lots of other cute stuff!) and the lucky winner will receive one of her very own! And these are design your own covers, which means you'll get to peruse the fabric choices Beth has and order one up to suit your own style! Very cool, yes?
All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave me a comment answering the following question: What is your favorite piece of furniture?
Her answer is her recliner, although she says she rarely has time to veg out. My answer would be my glider, which Jim bought as a Mother's Day present while I was pregnant with Addy. I have nursed babies in that chair for going on three years now, so it has a special place in my heart.
Tell us about YOUR favorite!


Jess said...

I don't nurse so I won't enter the contest, but I wanted to say that your sister's Etsy shop is so cool! I'm glad you encouraged her to start it, and I'm glad she took your advice.

Swistle said...

Oh, that is so nice! About your sister and about the contest, both!

Okay, my favorite piece of furniture is my La-Z-Boy recliner, which I nurse in and sometimes sleep in.

And now I'm going to go check out your sister's store.

Banana said...

I love your sisters site! She is very talented.

My favorite piece of furniture is probably our bed. I love a good sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I'd have to say my bed is my favorite piece of furniture, although with a newborn, it hasn't seen much use lately.

Love your sister's paintings - especially "Couldn't See the Forest for the Trees". You have one very talented sister!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, your sister's paintings are great. My youngest sister is an artist. I should get her to open an Etsy shop, too. Good idea.

My favorite piece of furniture is my recliner. My mom got us matching one when I was pregnant with my son. It's where we came to nurse, and where I rocked him to sleep every night. And now we snuggle and read books here. And I sit in it with my laptop to read and write blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the nice comments about my paintings! I also do commissioned work so if anyone wants a cute painting for a baby's room or something let me know! Good luck in the contest!


Lauren said...

My favorite piece of furniture is my cedar grandfather made it for me as a hope chest when I left home for college, and now it functions as our coffee table!

Mary O said...

My favorite piece of furniture is my old pink recliner. My grandma gave it to me for Christmas when I was 12, because she knew I spent a lot of time reading and wanted me to have a nice place to sit. I have kept that chair with me through every move, and carted it with me to every town I've lived in. I've spent countless hours reading in it, talking to girlfriends on the phone in high school, studying in it in college, and now nursing and rocking babies. It's so raggedy and worn and a yucky pink color that doesn't go with anything, but I can't imagine getting rid of it. So yeah, it's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

My favorite piece of furniture is Gabe's crib. We spent along time finding the perfect crib, because we wanted it to become a family heirloom. Adam and I never got to take a honeymoon, so we took a babymoon when we found out we were pregnant to find the crib. When I look at it, it brings back great memories from that trip.

Annie said...

ooh. I really like Echo of a Dream. Very nice. And the car seat strap covers from valleymama are super cute.

Does the bathtub count as furniture? If so, I love to take bubble baths with the door closed and the fan running because I am unable to hear any shrieking children with the fan on and therefore cannot be responsible for attending to the latest crisis (sorry! can't hear you!) while I am soaking. If not, then I also could not live without my glider.

Anonymous said...

I'm not nursing any more, so I won't enter the contest.

I will say that I'm a little miffed at you for sending me to some cool new places at Etsy. I've spent entirely too much money there and you're not helping! :)

Saly said...

My gram's china cabinet, given to me when we moved in to our house. A bit beat up, but beautiful Cherry.

If (when) I don't win, I may buy one of thoe. Super cool!!

Anonymous said...

My bed, it was our first ig purchase after getting married. We spent a lot of time picking it out, it's the first thing we had in our apartment that we really bought together. It's a heavy dark wood bed from Pottery Barn.
- Taryn

Michelle Turbide, an artist on a soul journey said...

Hi there, I just purchased some things in your etsy shop and can't wait to have them!!

my favorite piece of furniture is the exercise ball that sits in our living room. it is the ONLY way that I can get my daughter who is now 10 weeks old to go to sleep. I would be lost without it!

Michelle Turbide

Anonymous said...

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